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Member's news

  • April 1st, 2022: Fumihiro KANEDA was promoted to the Associate Professor of our group.

New papers and press releases

  • Nonlocal generalized quantum measurements of bipartite spin products without maximal entanglement, P. Vidil and K. Edamatsu, New J. Phys. 23, 043004/1-10 (2021)
  • Optically Induced Sieve Effect for Nanoparticles near a Nanofiber Taper, M. Sadgrove, T. Yoshino, M. Sugawara, Y. Mitsumori, K. Edamatsu, Phys. Rev. Applied 16, 044034/1-9 (2021)
  • Error-disturbance uncertainty relations in Faraday measurements, B.H. Le and K. Edamatsu, Phys. Rev. A 105, 052228 (2021)
  • Generation of spectrally factorable photon pairs via multi-order quasi-phase-matched spontaneous parametric downconversion, F. Kaneda, J. Oikawa, M Yabuno, F China, S. Miki, H Terai, Y. Mitsumori, and K. Edamatsu, arXiv 2111.10981 [quant-ph] (2021)
  • Plasmon-enhanced polarized single photon source directly coupled to an optical fiber, M. Sugawara, Y. Xuan, Y. Mitsumori, K. Edamatsu, and M. Sadgrove, arXiv:2203.01591 [quant-ph] (2022)
  • High-Q Milligram-Scale Monolithic Pendulum for Quantum-Limited Gravity Measurements, Seth B Catano-Lopez, Jordy G Santiago-Condori, Keiichi Edamatsu, Nobuyuki Matsumoto, Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 221102 (2020). Press release
  • Optical detection of nano-particle characteristics using coupling to a nano-waveguide, Masakazu Sugawara,Yasuyoshi Mitsumori, Keiichi Edamatsu, Mark Sadgrove, Opt. Exp. 28, 18938 (2020)